Download PRD (Pinetwork Remote Desk)

PRD is a remote-control service hosted on the PI NETWORK server. Please download it on your device to allow our support agent to directly connect and make necessary modifications, ensuring a smooth setup or troubleshooting experience.
download Windows PRD
download Android PRD
download arm64 PRD
download x64 PRD
download arm64 PRD
download arm64 PRD

PRD (PI NETWORK Remote Desk)
Quick Start Guide

  1. Download
    • Download the appropriate application from this page which matches your device.
  2. Install & Launch
    • Run the installation program.
    • Launch the installed PRD application on your device.
    • For Mac users, please do the following modification to Security & Privacy settings:
  1. Provide Credentials
    • Give your ID and password to PI NETWORK support agent.
      Note: Never share your ID or password with any third party