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Package Snapshot

Most of our farm clients have chosen all or some of the following listed solutions. Talk to one of our experienced consultants today to get a better understanding of how we can assist your business.

Mobile Signal Booster

Great Compatibility

Our high-power outdoor signal amplifier for mobile phones supports both 4G and 5G networks provided by Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. Experience enhanced signal strength and improved connectivity across these major network providers.

Extensive Coverage

Our solution involves installing high-gain directional antennas or repeaters at strategic locations to amplify and extend signal coverage, even in challenging terrains. With an outdoor signal coverage of 500-800 meters, we ensure a robust and reliable connectivity experience, overcoming obstacles and expanding signal reach effectively.

Suitable for Various Scenarios

Experience exceptional broadband speeds delivered to regional Australia. Our solution ensures fast and reliable internet connectivity, bridging the digital divide and empowering regional areas with high-speed broadband access.


Centralized Management

Through our online portal, the maintenance team can efficiently ensure seamless operations and enabling quick restoration when necessary.

Save Cost

Centralized management reduces troubleshooting time and expenses, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.

Access Control

In specific scenarios such as hotels, offices, or schools, our solution empowers you to exercise control over internet traffic, including the ability to implement website restrictions if needed.


Virtual Receptionist

Efficiently manage incoming calls with automated attendants, directing calls to the appropriate teams.


Enables you to effectively manage business calls on your mobile phone or desktop, enhancing collaboration with conference, presence, chat, CRM integration, and more.

Line Share

A cost-effective solution is to share a pool of phone lines among multiple handsets or locations, eliminating the need to buy additional lines for each site.



Enhance the security of your businesses with our must-have security device. Our live streaming HD security cameras deliver instant visual reassurance, providing real-time monitoring and peace of mind.


Stay alerted to specific events and safeguard your businesses without straining your budget. Our solution simplifies business protection, providing cost-effective security measures that ensure peace of mind.


Our solution offers easy management capabilities. Simplify visitor monitoring and alleviate the workload on security staff while ensuring uncompromised safety and security.

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