We are your truly one-stop ICT solution provider, ready to assist you in every aspect of your business setup. From head to toe, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your ICT needs. What's more, we are committed to growing alongside you on your business journey, providing ongoing support and expertise as you progress and expand.


Package Snapshot

Many of our office clients have opted for some or all of the following solutions listed below. To gain a better understanding of how we can assist your business, we encourage you to speak with one of our experienced consultants today. They will provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Managed IT

Office 365

Enjoy the benefits of flexible and scalable Managed IT Services packages designed specifically for your business. We ensure your system is continuously monitored and well-maintained.

Email Management

Our experienced IT experts are available to resolve your IT issues through remote control assistance or on-site appointments.

Information Protection

We provide meticulous planning and execution to guarantee a hassle-free experience whether you are setting up or relocating offices.


Stable Internet

Our system allows for intelligent control and refined management of Internet traffic distribution, empowering clients to apply customized settings according to their specific needs.

Time-efficient Installation

Whether you're setting up a new office or relocating your residence, we prioritize your time by providing efficient installation and delivery of our solution.

Access Control

In specific scenarios such as hotels, offices, or schools, our solution empowers you to exercise control over internet traffic, including the ability to implement website restrictions if needed.



Enhance the security of your businesses with our must-have security device. Our live streaming HD security cameras deliver instant visual reassurance, providing real-time monitoring and peace of mind.


Stay alerted to specific events and safeguard your businesses without straining your budget. Our solution simplifies business protection, providing cost-effective security measures that ensure peace of mind.


Our solution offers easy management capabilities. Simplify visitor monitoring and alleviate the workload on security staff while ensuring uncompromised safety and security.

Pain Points Analysis

Poor Experience

Unstable internet with constant drop-outs. Dead spots in wi-fi coverage. Slow download speed.

Network Security

Without network isolation, anyone can access the main office network, which is a great security concern.

Work From Home

Living in the era of post-Covid pandemic, all offices need to be WFH ready at any point. Working remotely is a common requirement for businesses, and this creates challenges for IT management.

High Maintenance

As the network structure is complex and requires lots of effort to operate and maintain.


Different types of AP to combat dead spots

Intelligent distribution of Internet traffic can be controlled in a refined manner, allowing offices to apply settings according to their needs, so that some area such as conference rooms can be given priority to ensure the network experience. The products we supply can provide strong anti-interference, smoother Internet access, automatic signal channel optimization to ensure high-speed network operation and fast roaming.

Centralized management, easier troubleshooting

1. Cloud management with data visualization
With online portal, the maintenance team can remotely manage all bound network devices through the computer to trouble shoot and restore if necessary.

2. AC manages APs
There's no need to purchase additional AC controller, as AC can manage and maintain APs in various areas, and also quickly locate faulty APs.

3. Real-time monitor and alarm system
Support alarms for gateways, switches, APs and other devices. Alarm information can be sent 24/7, reducing the workload of managers.

Isolation to ensure network security

Support SDID and VLAN binding, support AP user isolation mode, so as to isolate the network between the offices and guests, thus prevent potential security risks caused by unauthorized terminals accessing the office intranet.

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