Team Productivity
Stay Connected

Virtual Receptionist(IVR)

Efficiently manage incoming calls with automated attendants, directing calls to the appropriate teams.

Hunt Groups

Enhance customer service by distributing calls to grouped extensions (departments).


Enables you to effectively manage business calls on your mobile phone or desktop, enhancing collaboration with conference, presence, chat, CRM integration, and more.

Line Share

A cost-effective solution is to share a pool of phone lines among multiple handsets or locations, eliminating the need to buy additional lines for each site.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail messages can be conveniently forwarded to your preferred email address as MP3 attachments.

Music on Hold

Enhance the waiting experience for your callers by replacing the silence typically heard during hold times, making your business more engaging and enjoyable.

Report Analysis

Instantly access on-demand reports and leverage data analysis tools for effective business management.


Enable callers to queue up and wait for an available agent, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer service experience.

Seize Every Opportunity
Never Miss a Call

Why choose PI Cloud Phone System?


Our system is designed to seamlessly scale with your business, whether you're hiring new staff or opening new shops/branches, ensuring a cost-effective solution that grows with your needs.

Low Upfront Cost

Choose your preferred phone from our extensive selection, and enjoy complimentary installation at no additional cost.

Low Maintenance Cost

Say goodbye to the hassle of purchasing and maintaining a PBX box. Our service covers all remote maintenance tasks at no extra cost, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle everything for you.

Entreprise Features

Unlock a wealth of rich features that come included at no additional cost, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your business needs.

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