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This service is highly recommended for low-usage customers who require occasional information retrieval, email communication, and logging into chat software. It is designed to meet the needs of those who have minimal usage requirements while still providing reliable connectivity and functionality.


Starting at
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This service is specifically recommended for customers with long-term office needs in overseas. It is well-suited for basic office tasks, lightweight file and media transfer, as well as video conferencing. We provide reliable connectivity and support to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration in your office environment.


Starting at
Including: 25 GB
Excess data: $4 per GB
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Starting at
Including: 60 GB
Excess data: $3.33 per GB
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Starting at
Including: 170 GB
Excess data: $2.94 per GB
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This service is highly recommended for customers with specific requirements for international bandwidth. It is ideal for high-volume data transmission of large files and ensures peak performance at any time. Whether you need to transfer substantial amounts of data or maintain a consistently high level of performance, our solution is tailored to meet your needs effectively.


Starting at
1-10 MBPS
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Starting at
10-50 MBPS
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If you believe your business need something beyond the above listed
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Please Note:
* All prices mentioned are in Australian Dollars, GST exclusive.
* The number of seats refers to the number of individuals using the service simultaneously.
* All rights are reserved by PI NETWORK 2023.
We are here to assist you in finding the best solution for your business, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Customizable Service

Businesses have the flexibility to choose the appropriate bandwidth that aligns with their specific needs. We offer a range of options to ensure that your business has the optimal bandwidth to support its operations effectively.


Our solution offers multiple deployment options, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your needs. You can easily share the solution within your team, enabling streamlined management and cost savings. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our solution for efficient operations.

Flexible Arrangement

Enjoy the freedom of not being bound by a fixed term contract and the convenience of zero setup fees. With our service, you have the flexibility to request and utilize it whenever you need it, and you can cancel it whenever it's no longer required. Experience hassle-free service on your own terms.

International Link for Business

Expand your reach and effortlessly access other countries from Australia. Seamlessly connect to Australia from anywhere around the world. Experience the ease and convenience like never before.

Customized Solutions
Tailored to Your Specific Needs
Available Upon Request

Collaboration Across Geographical Boundaries

Experience a reliable solution for establishing connections between domestic headquarters and overseas branches. Our solution ensures secure and stable connectivity, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across geographical boundaries for your organization.

Optimize Overseas Data Access

Experience improved performance and efficiency when accessing software and data from overseas locations, enabling seamless international connectivity for your business.

Enjoy Seamless Steaming

Enjoy super smooth streaming and elevate your business presentations to new heights. Our solution ensures seamless streaming capabilities, enabling impressive and flawless business presentations that captivate your audience.

Enhance Teamwork Efficiency

Significantly enhance work efficiency and bolster data security with our solution. Experience streamlined workflows, increased productivity, and robust safeguards for your valuable data, ensuring a more efficient and secure work environment.

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